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 Post subject: Windows 64 requires signed drivers?
PostPosted: Tue Jan 10, 2012 1:07 am 
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I just received my first Basic Atom Nano (and board) so I am a newbe.

My Problem: I use PC's with Windows 7 64bit. I installed the Basic Micro Studio (BasicMicroStudioSetup_2-0-0-15.exe) and the USB/com port driver (DPInst64.exe). I connected the Basic Atom Nano to the PC USB port and Windows failed to install the USB/com port driver saying that it is not signed and Windows 64 requires signed drivers.

Am I the only one that has done this or did I miss something?

UPDATE: I found the "Search" button and see it has been discussed. Someone should add a readme.txt to the BASIC MICRO driver download zip! Why waste peoples time... I installed on two Windows 7 64 machines then had to resurrect an XP laptop (which worked) and then found the Search button for the forum. Not good when a little decent documentation would have made this a pleasent experience.

 Post subject: Re: Windows 64 requires signed drivers?
PostPosted: Tue Jan 10, 2012 4:34 am 
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My search yielded two very similar sets of directions on this forum. My first couple attempts with the text file instructions I found did not work (maybe operator error, who knows). I went away, watched some tv, then came back, switched to the administrator account on my Win7 64 computer and searched, found and followed AcidTech's directions and it worked so I am copying his directions here since this forum is for the IDE (I think :roll: )...

If you are using a BasicMicro dev board or any other BaiscMicro product with the FTDI chip then the forced driver install description is the way around any 64bit issues until we can figure out why some 64bit Windows installs don't accept the BasicMicro drivers.

Here is my description of how to do it again. Note that this is for Win7 so there may be some minor differences between this and what you see on Vista 64.

So to work around this you can force Win 7 to use the original FTDI drivers.

You can download the FTDI drivers at:
[garycamp note: I used the 2.08.14 WHQL Certified version for x64 (64Bit) but the version may change over time]

Once you've downloaded the drivers and unzipped the file here are the steps:

1. Open the Device Manager.
a. To do that click the Start button and then right click on Computer and click Properties. In the Properties window Click Device Manager.
2. Click the View menu in Device Manager and change to Devices by Connection.
3. Expand ACPI/Microsoft ACPI/PCI Bus/
4. Expand each USB Controller until you find the BasicMicro Communications Port.
5. Right click it and click uninstall. Check the "Delete driver files for this device" and click ok.
6. Click Action menu and Scan for hardware changes.

You should now see Communications Port were BasicMicro comport was before.

7. Right click Communications Port and click "Update Driver Software".
8. Click "Browse my computer for driver software"
9. Click "Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer".
10. Click Next on the new window
11. Click Have Disc
12. Browse to the folder you unzipped the FTDI drivers to.
13. Select the ftdibus.inf file and click OK.
14. Click OK again.
15. Select USB Serial Converter and click Next
16. Click Yes on the warning that comes up.
17. Click Close when driver finishes installing.

Second part.

18. In device manager you should now see USB Serial Converter. Expand it if it isn't already. Right click on USB Serial Port and click update driver software.
19. Follow steps 8 to 17 again but choose ftdiport.inf and select USB Serial Port in the selection window.
20. Right click on the USB Serial Port and click Properites. Click Port Settings. Click Advanced buttons. Click the Latency Drop down and set to 1. Click OK.

Your comport should now be installed without warnings/errors and you should be able to find the ARC-32 in Studio now(after you restart studio).

Nathan Scherdin
Basic Micro - Robotic Technology Evolved

Thanks Nathan, but I still think there should be a "readme.txt" file in the BasicMicro driver download that explains that this might be necessary and lists these instructions.

 Post subject: Re: Windows 64 requires signed drivers?
PostPosted: Wed Jan 11, 2012 7:02 pm 
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If you can shoot me an email to remind me I'd be happy to. I'm not in the office today. Unsigned user mode drivers do work on some Win 7 PCs, or at least they use to, maybe MS changed something so they always fail now. They are supposed to work since they are user mode drivers but as you've seen that isn't always(or even mostly) the case anymore.

Tech Support
Basic Micro - Robotic Technology Evolved

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