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Use R/C PPM (composite) signal for 'bot control
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Author:  KM6VV [ Thu Nov 17, 2011 12:58 am ]
Post subject:  Use R/C PPM (composite) signal for 'bot control

Is there a "Servo Decode function" for decoding the R/C PPM signal available in an R/C receiver?

The R/C PPM (composite) signal available inside R/C receivers like the Futaba 7C R617FS and similar receivers could be decoded by using a single interrupt line on an AtomPro. This requires a slight mod (adding a wire) to the XCVR, or a very simple out-board PCB can be used to re-combine up to 7 or 8 output channels of a typical receiver.

This has already been done by the Helicopter builders (quadcopters) for their flight controllers. Several little combiner PCBs are available:,2786.0.html

And basically explained here:,22140.0.html

A similar "ServoDecode" function could be added to AtomBasic, and would be very useful.

Kurt has already played with this idea (see LM forum). I'm just getting started.

Alan KM6VV

Author:  Acidtech [ Thu Nov 17, 2011 2:36 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Use R/C PPM (composite) signal for 'bot control

Kurt already got this working(as you said). We've not thought of adding it as a command mainly because we don't know how standard this functionality is. A more generic mpulsin(eg multiple pulse in) or somthing like that may be more appropriate. But an inline command isn't really the way to go with this I think. Because you don't know when the pulses will be coming in you have to wait for them. An interrupt driven system(I think Kurt was working on this) would be more appropriate. At the moment we are really busy working on several projects so I can't say when or if this functionality will be added.

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