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 Post subject: Demo Code for Pro28/40 on Atom Lab Board
PostPosted: Mon Jul 27, 2009 4:45 am 

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This is available as demo code for the AtomPro28 in the BasicATOM Lab Board. I found copying this straight from the PDF document produced problems with quote marks ("") and I felt it could use a little more commenting. I added a few notes in the wiring info and at the ADIN line about minor changes to make the original code work with a Pro40 module, for which there is no data sheet yet. Basically, you have to move one wire and change a P# to do the ADC input. Other than that, it's the same.
;Demo code for AtomPro28/40. Pay attention to Wiring and Code Notes/Comments!
;AX3 to POT, In the program this is called "P19"(Pro28) or "P31"(Pro40) for control purposes
;AX0 (P16 on Pro40!) to LED1, In the program, this is called "P16" for control purposes
;P15 to LED2
;P14 to LED3
;P13 to LED4
;P12 to Button1
;P11 to Button2
;P10 to Buzzer/Speaker
;P9 to Button3
;P8 to Button4
;Setup LCD
lcdinit p0p1p7p6p5p4,p2
lcdwrite p0p1p7p6p5p4,p2,[LCDCLEAR,LCDHOME,SCR,TWOLINE,"Hello World"]
;Set pins to known state
low p16  ; LED1 is ON
low p15  ; LED2 is ON
low p14  ; LED3 is on
low p13  ; LED4 is ON
high p3  ; LCD backlight is on
;Setup 32 bit variable
temp var long
cnt var long
;Start main program loop
cnt=cnt+1  ; increment "cnt"

;Read analog pin and display value to LCD
adin P19,temp  ; Use P19 for the Pro28, P31 for the Pro40
lcdwrite p0p1p7p6p5p4,p2,[SCRRAM+40, "temp(R14): ", dec4 temp4]
;Send analog reading and cnt value to terminal window set to 9600 baud
serout S_OUT,i9600,["temp: ", dec temp," cnt: ", dec cnt, 13]
;Copy state of button to LED on/off
out16=in12  ; Button1 controls LED1
out15=in11  ; Button2 controls LED2
out14=in9   ; Button3 controls LED3
out13=in8   ; Button4 controls LED4
out3=In8    ; Button4 controls LCD backlight
; If button 4 is pressed make sound with buzzer
if(in8)then  ; You don't have to say "if(in8)=1"!
   low p10
   high p10
; Return to main loop
goto main

Take care.


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