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 Post subject: Nano Issues Announcement from Basic Micro
PostPosted: Fri Jun 26, 2009 1:36 am 

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This is a general announcement about issues with the Nano and the Nano Dev Board that have been detected recently.

Iss1: The data sheet for the Nano Dev Board referred to a driver to get from the Basic Micro Download section to set up USB-Serial communications. This wasn't immediately available, and people were directed to the FTDI site to download and install their general-purpose VCP driver. This worked well enough, but called for doing driver set up in the Devices control panel.
If you haven't done so yet, download and install the custom driver from the Nano Downloads Section of Basic Micro. Follow directions in the Data Sheet. This eliminates some set up issues.

Iss2: Another issue seen is the sudden corruption of the firmware code programmed into the FTDI IC on the Nano Dev Board. An inductor, identified as "L1" was installed on later rev boards to eliminate a power-break problem, i.e., people pulling and immediately reinserting the DC power plug. Look for this close to the FTDI USB chip, which is close to the USB connector. I don't have this inductor on my Dev Board, and problems arose.
My experience is the nano18 "goes away" and the Nano28 and Nano40 fail to program, with error messages about verify problems at low addresses, like 0004 or 0006. The solution in my case was to have the firmware on the FTDI reprogrammed. The Nanos programmed OK after that.

Iss3: Nano18s will suddenly "cease to exist" to the compiler. A problem was found in the Nano18's bootloader code that lead to its corruption. I can't say if the chip can be reprogrammed to solve this. New bootloader code is now available and this is being installed on the latest units. Replacements will be provided for failed units.
As a precautionary measure, Basic Micro sent me all new chips (Nano18, -28, and -40) to test the latest bootloader. All three test fine for find, build and program.

Iss4: Basic Micro is holding off shipping of any more Nanos while we resolve possible compiler issues with certain commands seen here. I will be updating this post with the latest information as we progress. We anticipate resolving the issues keeping us from shipping as early as tomorrow, 26June. If so, this paragraph will just disappear.

So, if you are having problems with your Nano Dev Board, first thing you do is, download and install the custom driver in the Nano Downloads section as mentioned earlier.
If you are working with your Nanos on a breadboard or custom rig, check your wiring against the data sheet verrry carefully.

You can of course submit requests to replace non-functioning boards and processors to You must provide the following info to be considered:
1. Computer info, like PC or MAC, processor type, RAM amount, name of any virtual machine you ran the code in (applies mostly to MAC or Linux/Unix machines), and the OS (including service pack version).
Thus: Dell latitude laptop, Celeron, 504Meg RAM, WinXP Pro SP2 OR
Mac Air, some processor dual, 1Gig RAM, OS10.4 SP?, VM package (I'm Mac illiterate)
2. Item description, like atom28(D) module, Universal Lab Board RevB, Nano18 IC. Revision levels/numbers are important! If you were using a breadboard or board of your own design, we need to know. Be prepared to provide design information, like schematics and/or wiring diagrams.
Thus: BasicATOM Lab Board RevD
3. The compiler you were using, like Pro8.0.1.11, or Atom5.3.1.5.
4. Your complete code listing if you got past programming.
5. A thorough description of the problem. At what point of what process did it fail?
Thus: The compiler couldn't find the processor when I started a build/program. OR
It failed just as verification started in the programming process, at address 0003. OR
It got through programming, but the LED never blinked, here's my code...
6. The original order number would be helpful to have.

As of 7/1/09 or so, Nano problems have been found and fixed and we are shipping Nanos again.
Eventually we'll have stickies here, and this will be in one spot at the top of the page.
Have fun with your project!


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